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July 22nd., 2016

Can you believe we are receiving our FALL STOCK already!
Come in soon to get your size!

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July 6th., 2016


Fresh water pearls designed and Made in Canada!


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Open daily from 9am – 6pm

July 5th., 20162237_brand_logo


BELLA VADO 100% Californian AVOCADO SERUM  (perfect for both your SKIN and your HAIR)!



“I first tried this amazing oil at the La Quinta (CA) farmer’s market. After I giving a few away as gifts, I was asked to buy more so I decided to sell it at The Lanai”!   ….Romi, owner of The Lanai.

This Non GMO, USDA Organic AVOCADO OIL has a penetrating quality that reaches the deeper levels of the dermis of your skin and hair follicle, to re-hydrate and silken from the inside out.
Bella Vado avocado serum is packed with natural vitamins; A, D, E and K and high amounts of natural CoQ10 (which makes an unbeatable treatment for sensitive dry skin).

**They always use food grade oil in their serum to maximize the nutrients for the largest organ in your body, your skin!

We LOVE this product and are proud to import it, just for you!

Open daily from 9am – 6pm


The problem, back fat.  The solution, Shapeez!

With Shapeez, you get all the benefits of a full support shaping bra, without any negatives like back bulges, falling straps and tight, uncomfortable elastic bands or closures. It’s the perfect bra, hands down!


I will never wear another bra!!!
“I cannot say enough good things about this undergarment!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! I am ordering my 7th and 8th one. Straps don’t fall down, there is no yanking or pulling on sides and back to stay down! And the smoothness I get is amazing —no muffin top, or bulges on sides and back! I will never wear another bra!!!

“I got my bra and LOVE IT! I have an added confidence now that I don’t have to worry about what I look like from the rear! It’s awesome. I am a total “Shapeez” advocate now! WOOHOO!!”


BA_09 BA_10


Open daily from 9am – 6pm

April 12th., 2016

Maui Jim

We now carry their full line …in both Mens & Ladies!




June 9th., 2016

“MY DAUGHTER” (fragrances) are NOW in our store!


Where is your perfume made?

Janey (the founder and creator from Alberta!) worked directly with her perfumer in France, who compounds my formula for her. It’s then sent to her for curing, blending, ?ltering, bottling, and packaging, all done by her family.

Why no phthalates and parabens in your fragrances?

Janey has chosen not to put phthalates in her fragrance because they are linked to hormone disruption (they are basically a sticky,thick plastic)..and while they are a industry standard in perfume she personally think its “nasty!”. “Why would one want to ruin all those lovely oils and absolutes with a phthalate?”, she asks.

Does your perfume “wear” differently than other perfumes?

As quoted by Janey, “Yes, I think so! Because of the high amount of naturals I ?nd it quite intimate and sensual. The oils basically become part of your body chemistry your not going to clear a room when you enter. I am thrilled when I hear ladies telling me I have not worn perfume in years because of allergies or skin reactions and they are LOVING the JOYFUL perfume!”

SEE more on her website:



70% OFF!

by The Lanai

June 7th., 2016

70% OFF ….ALL remaining fall & winter fashions! 


Open daily from 9am – 6pm



In celebrating our 7th. year in business we are CELEBRATING and YOU ARE INVITED! WHEN:  Wednesday, May 11th., 2016…  FROM, 9a.m. – 7p.m. WHERE:   At “THE LANAI” – 104-4200 Beach Avenue, Peachland WHAT WE’RE TREATING YOU TO: ….besides food treats and our good company           * SALE RACK – 70% OFF  ….. for this […]

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